Where To Go Stargazing In New Hampshire

To get the best possible stargazing experience, you’ll want to head out on a night that is nearly clear from cloud cover and find a location with minimal light pollution. Winter offers some of the best stargazing of the year. The reward of seeing some of the most apparent stars in the sky is well worth braving the cold and snow. The best time to see the stars is near a new moon. You will be able to see the stars in the sky without the distraction of the moon’s glow, making for an excellent show.

#1. AMC Highland Center

Town: Bretton Woods (Caroll County)

Located within Crawford Notch State Park is the Crawford Depot: a historic and scenic railroad station today by the Conway Scenic Railroad. The depot is quiet and remote, offering an outstanding landscape for stargazing. It is one of the best places to stargaze in the White Mountains National Forest on a clear night.

#2. Francestown Barn

Town: Francestown (Hillsborough County)

This stunning historic barn is located in a small Hillsborough County town. It is an exceptional place to photograph the night sky or view the stars with the naked eye.

#3. White Lake State Park

Town: Tamworth (Caroll County)

White Lake State Park is far enough from significant light pollution to get an incredible night sky view. On a clear night, the sky illuminates the waters of the lake below.

#4. Shattuck Observatory

Town: Hanover (Grafton County)

Dartmouth College is home to one of the east’s top astronomy programs. The public is encouraged to use the North Telescope in the Shattuck Observatory, free of charge.

#5. Umbagog Lake

Town: Errol (Coös County)

The Great North Woods’ remote and rural landscape manages to avoid light pollution. On a cloudless night, the skies will be darker than most, making for excellent viewing of the starry sky.

#6. Pemigewasset Overlook

Town: Lincoln (Grafton County)

The Pemigewasset Overlook grants views of the Osceola Mountain range that extend for miles and miles on a clear day. Due to minimal light pollution and a remote setting, the dark skies illuminate with twinkling stars after sunset.

#7. Castle in the Clouds

Town: Moultonborough (Caroll County)

Join the New Hampshire Astronomical Society for a stargazing experience at Castle in the Clouds after sunset on designated nights during summer. Listen to experts and learn about stars and planets, then use a telescope and view them for yourself.

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