White Mountain Wedding

“Don’t marry the woman you fall in love with, marry the one that falls in love with you.” -Unknown

Gift given to me by fellow SWP blogger, Alyssa BuckleyI have certainly mentioned it before, but haven’t gone too much into detail (partially because I don’t like to show my soft side off to the internet- I have one though), but I am getting married in 37 days! Woah, that feels crazy to write, however I am very excited to make Ms. Lindsay Hutchinson my bride (queue the “awwww’s”). For the past year, the two of us have been planning a wedding, and getting much help from some key players by the way. I think the reason we aren’t so stressed out right now is because we started early, were able to take a break then get back into when things needed to be done; we set a good timeline- kudos to Linz on keeping me in check on that one.

Just in case you haven’t guessed yet, with my (our) love for New Hampshire it was a no brainer to make all of our friends and family come to us instead of going to our hometown of Cape Cod (where weddings are unnecessarily beyond what our budget was!). What better place to get married, though, than in New Hampshire?! There are a variety of wonderful places to get married, and picturesque back drops to hold a ceremony in front of. We are getting hitched at the Greenhouse and having our ceremony at The Common Man Inn, both located in Plymouth and part of the Common Man Family, whom I probably have mentioned several times (fan for life).

Brides have their pick (because let’s be honest it often times is) of wonderful places to wed. I don’t have much experience outside the C-Man, but I know the Omni Hotel is a gem, the Newfound Inn, a variety of Country Clubs, Ski Resorts and romantic settings down south along with pretty much anywhere near a lake. I love the outdoor weddings, but I know that the indoor ones are rocking all winter too!

With talk of New Hampshire being the only place anyone should ever get married (plan your trip using VisitNH) I feel like I should tell you more about my own planning. Our team of eager beavers (no pun intended because we actually cut down trees for decorations) made a majority of our crafts by hand, but with help from the lovely wedding planning site; Pinterest. As an aside, we are very fortunate to have such great friends to help out during this process. Also, like I said we took care of all the early essentials, well, early. Picking a DJ, photographer, venue, and date were all quick, and followed by a well-deserved break from all that leg work. When we got back into it, it was Save the Dates, Invitations, lodging locations, guest list and food selection, followed by another break (we, or I, didn’t stress at all…hmm). Now it’s finalizing times, setting appointments, seating arrangements, and songs.

I want to talk a little about song selection. First off, we have to choose, from a library of a bazillion songs, which ONE song will be “our” song. We have so many choices of that one song. Ultimately that was no issue in the end, we heard a nice short one we liked and picked it! For me, the song for mother/son dance is the best to choose. All I have to do is find a song that isn’t too obvious, but will still make my mother cry her head off, in public. I am not one for public humiliation, but my mom and I have such a fun relationship, I hope we can laugh (through the tears).Lindsay and I- 2

Well, in a little over a month I’ll be wed. I know what I just described isn’t all that goes into a wedding; there is a lot of hard work and coordinating that is involved. I am excited (we are going to Mexico the day after) to marry the woman that I love, and wish all the newlyweds this year a happy and wonderful marriage.


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