Wine Tasting in the Lakes Region


It’s almost lake season! Now I don’t have a lake house, neither does my family, however I have some family friends that do. As amazing and relaxing as it is to lay near the water all day, it is also fun to explore the town you’re in. A few weeks ago I was in Lincoln visiting a family friend and we went to downtown Meredith. There we found this really delightful, “boutique” styled winery, Hermit Woods. Naturally, we went in for a tasting.


The Winery has a large bar for tastings and a very friendly and knowledgeable staff. It was so much more than just going into a winery and having a tasting. We learned, of course, about each wine but also how every fruit used is as local as possible and most of their wines are made without grapes! That’s right, I said without grapes. Instead, they have blueberries, apple, peaches, kiwi berries, honey, maple syrup, and I’m sure more fruit I’m forgetting.

0425151414We had an amazing experience learning about their “old world style” wines, the unique wines and the different meads. I would share everything I learned but I know I can’t do it justice, you’ll just have to go for yourself! It’s conveniently located near shopping and restaurants so I would recommend it too (okay, it was also recommended to us). Put a dinner reservation in somewhere nearby and go to Hermit Woods for a pre-dinner tasting. You will not be sorry!

I can’t say enough about how uniquely different and delicious the wines are. Worth the trip!

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  1. Bob ManleyMay 24, 2015 at 8:48 am #

    Thank you for making us a part of your travels. All of us here at Hermit Woods love everything about what we do here. But more important, we love sharing it with our guests. Glad we could share it with you! Cheers!

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