A Work of Art: Stay Work Play Takes on the Lakes Region

Since we get to work for an incredible organization that gets to share all-things-NH, I thought I’d share our most recent team-building staff outing adventure. As a Lakes Region “townie,” I thought it best to show the team a little slice of the area in New Hampshire that I call home. Visiting the Lakes Region is the perfect opportunity to go out on the lake – spend the day outdoors or in the water. BUT, as we all know, Mother Nature is boss and may have another agenda in store – hence the reason for making Plans B and C and a potential Plan D.

I’m a planner. And let me tell you, looking (hoping!) to plan an adventure for everyone to enjoy outdoors is no easy feat. Though all in all, it worked out just the way it was supposed to. Take a little trip with me as I walk you through our day.

That morning, the first thing I did was look at my “trusty” Accuweather app. It called for potential rain in the afternoon so I opted for Plan B – outdoors in the morning and indoors in the afternoon.

Tea anyone?

The ladies met me in Laconia and off on the day’s adventure we went. First stop, Meredith. Best way to start any day is by visiting a local coffee shop. Our place of choice? 48 Main Cafe & Creperie. Not only was it new to Kate and Ariel, but it was also a place I hadn’t had the opportunity to check out. As we waited for our order, we took a seat outside on the porch for a view of the quaint little shops along Main Street. And although no one had ordered crepes, it’s the perfect reason to go back for another visit!

According to Plan B, the next stop was to walk around and view the works of local artists along the Meredith Sculpture Walk. The exhibit takes you along Main Street, through the Mill Falls Marketplace and along Lake Winnipesaukee. If you haven’t had the opportunity to tour the art – we highly recommend it!

We visited a few places in the Marketplace (really, who can resist a visit to Lee’s Candy Kitchen?) only to step outside to … rain. Sadly, this put a damper on our plans but we decided it was the perfect time to head to lunch. The restaurant of choice was another first for the ladies and one of my personal favorites, Tavern 27. With a farm to table experience with small tapas plates, there is something for everyone! In case you’re wondering, the antipasto insalata was especially delicious.

As much as we could have stayed in the charming restaurant, there was more fun to be had. And with the rain still coming down, it was perfect timing for our next (indoor) endeavor at Art Escape. While none of us claim to be artistic, this was bound to be a fun experience. Art Escape provides a few “walk-in” services – canvas painting, painting ceramics, making fused glass and creating clay sculptures. When we walked in and saw all of the opportunities available to us, we decided painting ceramics was our project of choice. We asked each other about what designs would look good and what colors may work best for each of our projects. The funniest part? We all have such an eye for detail and were really engrossed with what we were working on – just like in the office! Another reason why we compliment each other so well and make a good team.

It was wonderful to spend time getting to know each other a bit more out of the office. And sharing a New Hampshire experience with those I spend a lot of time with during the week gave me a bit of Lakes Region “townie” pride.

The finished projects: I have to admit, for not being “artists,” we did an incredible job!

Oh, and did I mention, that the sun came out in the afternoon? Silly, Accuweather!

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