Working: A Few Thoughts

iStock_000032701502_SmallAs we embark on this very “short” week before Thanksgiving I wanted to take a moment and talk about work and working. Have you ever had a job that you loathe? Something that you just did for a paycheck or benefits? Or is the inverse true? Have you always had a job you loved?

I am in the 2nd group. I have always had a job that I was excited to jump out of bed and go to. My wife on the other hand falls primarily into the first category. Whether you are in the first group, 2nd group or a combination of the two, working is very important not only to one’s bank account, but to your psyche as well.

There are numerous studies out there that talk about how having an adequate job contributes to your mental health. I am not a psychologist so I will not comment in the general, only in the specific as it relates to my personal experiences. When I have “lost that lovin’ feeling” around a particular job I have had the luxury to move on. My wife on the other hand has had to suffer on as she was working for our benefits.

So what is the inspiration for this topic? Mr. Mike Rowe. Mike’s new show “Somebody’s Gotta’ Do It” is an homage to those who work hard and don’t need or want any recognition. Do you know anyone like that? As one of the original 13 colonies New Hampshire has a history of hard-working men and women who exemplify this tradition.

As we start to break for the first holiday of the season it is a great opportunity to reflect on what is truly important in life. Have you had a good year? Have you done everything you wanted to personally, professionally? What are you doing to prepare yourself for 2015 and beyond? These are difficult questions that require careful thought and introspection. Sadly for most of us the time to really think about life is limited to our commute or maybe the 2-5 minutes in the shower.

If you are working just to pay the bills or keep benefits for your family, I applaud you. If you are living the dream and working solely for happiness you are one of the fortunate ones, don’t ever forget that. Regardless of why you work, you have to work for something. For many of us with young children we have a very clear goal, if you haven’t reached that point in your life yet do you know what your true motivation is?

I know that I have asked a lot of questions and provided very few answers this week (purposefully). Sometimes the journey is fraught with questions and very few answers. If you can start to prepare now then maybe when they come at you for real you will be better prepared to answer them.

Thank you to the men and women of NH who work tirelessly so that their families can have a warm place to sleep, good food to eat, and lots of laughter and smiles. This is truly the best place to Stay. Work. And Play.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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