Yankee Swap – What’s your number?!


Okay, so who participated in a Yankee Swap this Christmas? Don’t know what it is? Get out from under that rock. Google the rules, or ask your friend. If your friend doesn’t know, then you need a new friend. My advice when going into a Yankee Swap is to go in with no expectations.

There are many different kinds of swaps. You can make the rules very specific as to what you’re going to purchase or a complete free for all. The best is scoring a sweet gift & the worst is someone not finding your gift humorous. I highly recommend the following; buy something YOU want and/or build an alliance.

My family and I did our annual Yankee Swap on Christmas. It was interesting to say the least. Our limit was $30. Here were a few of the gifts:

  • Can of Spam, Mustache Wine Opener, Inflatable Christmas Wreath
  • Sautee Pan with Wooden Spoons
  • Hello Kitty Popcorn Popper
  • Stonewall Kitchen Cupcake Mix

There’s always one family member who wants nothing to do with our festivity. It’s usually my uncle. He always voiced his opinion that Yankee Swaps are unfair & people get stuck with the worst gifts.

It’s all for fun & yes, you may end up with a bathmat or slippers two sizes too big but heck, who cares!! The point is the time you’re spending with people you love, or at least like a little bit. It’s the memories you’re making & the tradition of it all.

In case you were wondering I walked away with a recycled, organic cutting board. My roommates are going to LOVE it aka my parents. What’s the best or worst gift you’ve walked away with at a Yankee Swap?