Yeah! Winter is still here!

This week’s post presents a perfect opportunity for me to revisit my second February post from last year. In that post, I went on a narrative exploration of why us Yankees like to talk about the weather so much. Now, in spite of my post two weeks ago, New England has given us more than enough ammunition to talk about the weather for at least another week or two, at which point we’ll start to think we’re out of the woods, then surely we’ll be hit with another storm.

But I’m not here to complain about the winter. Sure, it can sometimes feel like it’s never going to end, but it will, and when it’s 95°F in August and humid as all get-out, we’ll miss the snow. In fact, I’m currently appreciating just how awesome it is. And that’s not because I’m on some epic ski vacation, but because I get to experience winter with my 17-month-old daughter. Her observations of it and reactions to it are absolutely priceless. They remind me of growing up in New Hampshire and of just how awesome (and confusing) winter can be when you’re young.

So, in direct contrast to my last post, I’m going to share a collection of pictures that represent why I think winter in New Hampshire is so awesome!

XC Skiing at White Farm and Connecting Trails

Concord’s cross-country skiing scene may not be the most epic in the state, but it’s hard to beat the value and accessibility. The trail system is beautifully maintained by volunteers, and users are asked to make a donation when possible. There are miles, and miles of trails and access from 89 and 93 is quick and easy.

Downhill Skiing

If cross-country skiing isn’t your thing and you like to go fast, downhill skiing (telemark or alpine) in New Hampshire is hard to beat. So many mountains have gorgeous views, it’s hard to pick where to go. This is the view from Sunapee. It’s OK I guess.

Beautiful Scenes

Sure it can be tiring to watch the snow fall, but it’s hard to say it’s not beautiful. Scenes like this are a nice reminder or how pretty things are right after it snows.

Early Sunsets

One of the best things about winter is that the sunsets happen early! I’m a sucker for a good sunset any time of year, but the winter is awesome because they happen before dinner, and they can be quite beautiful!

Babies in Snow are Hilarious

If none of this is doing it for you so far, here’s a toddler in the snow. Babies and toddlers love snow, mostly. Sometimes they laugh, sometimes they cry, and at all times, they wonder, “What is going on?”

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