Youth Coding: Build your own videogame this summer

And just like that, it’s the last week of class in many New Hampshire schools. One pandemic-related silver lining is the availability of both in-person and remote summer programs. If you’re on the lookout for remote enrichment – and you have a gamer at home – Youth Coding uses video game developing to teach 11-18 year olds to code.

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“Enrolling your child in a coding program over the summer is a great way to have them practice important skills without the usual academic activities like worksheets and projects,” said Kim Eckenrode, CTE Computer Training Instructor at Nashua Community College. “Every student can benefit from improving their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Youth Coding teaches coding and reinforces these important life skills while the student creates a computer game.”

How Youth Coding Works

Youth Coding is a self-paced interactive online curriculum that teaches students how to code their own computer games, websites, and apps. Since it is 100 percent online and self-paced, they can access the materials when it fits into their schedule. Mentors offer support through an anonymous “Pure Chat” function. Kim stated:

Learning to code builds the skills a student needs to problem solve and think on their own. Coding also teaches resilience, persistence and attention to detail. Everyone can learn to code, not just the students who are working toward a future in computer science.”

Youth Coding Curriculum: 

  • Interactive, self-paced lessons
  • Video reviews and embedded practice editors
  • Live mentor chat support and screen shares
  • Developing an online portfolio of work
  • Step-by-step projects coded start to finish

Cheshire Career Center partnership

Anyone living within the Cheshire Career Center service area can register for Youth Coding for free through June 11. To register, visit their website.

Sign up or Contact

A one-year membership for Youth Coding is $99 for one student and $179 for up to three members in the same household. Simply Coding powers Youth Coding. See a list of commonly asked questions & answers. Contact: Kimberly Eckenrode, 603.578.8979, or

“This is a one-year membership, the student’s membership will last long after the summer ends. It’s the perfect activity on a rainy day, a snow day or even in response to ‘I’m bored’.”

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