New Hampshire Internship Guide for Employers

The benefits of having an internship program are numerous, especially when it comes to finding the quality employees you need to run your organization. But many New Hampshire employers — especially smaller ones — often don’t have the time or bandwidth to find the answers to an array of questions they need to answer before they can start an internship program that can serve to create a pipeline of future talent.

These questions and more are addressed in the NH Internship Guide for Employers, an invaluable resource for starting and managing an internship program at a New Hampshire business, nonprofit organization, or government entity.

The contents of the guide will provide employers with how-to information on how to set up, manage, and evaluate an internship program unique to the needs of their business.

In this guide, you’ll find information on:

  • Benefits of starting an internship program
  • The various types of internships programs
  • Developing a quality internship program
  • Intern compensation
  • Recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding, and managing interns
  • Internship program best practices
  • New Hampshire-specific legal requirements for internships
  • Sample state and federal internship forms and documents
  • Sample internship job descriptions
  • Helpful contacts at New Hampshire colleges and universities
  • …and more!

Download a copy of the NH Internship Guide for Employers