Fore Products, Inc.

Fore Products, Inc. was founded on the discovery that the current indoor golf market was missing a product. We developed an in-depth understanding in order to provide a solution which more closely mimics an individual’s outdoor game. Our luxury simulators address factors which allow an outdoor golfer to subconsciously experience an outdoor “feel” while golfing virtually. The outdoor golfer becomes more comfortable on the tee box, down the fairway, to birdie putts on their virtual indoor green.

Our product utilizes state of the art tracking components uniquely configured with our proprietary multi-projector, 3D-enhanced, nonplanar, EXTREME resolution screen system. All of which creates a visual immersion for a window to this virtual outdoor world.

This system is worthy of Limited production, built with exceptional attention to detail, and performs on a completely different level due to our 100% in-house fabrication and assembly. Consider our products the 1200 horsepower hyper-car of the Sim world where the current bests are equivalent to a 250 hp four-door sports car wannabe.

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