101 Things to Do In NH

This is a list from New Hampshire.com of the 101 things that every New Hampshirite should do to fully explore and experience all that is great about New Hampshire. The list includes everything from shaking the hand of a future president (easier to do than you might think) to driving the Kancamagus in October to hitting antique alley. If you are ever stumped for something to do, keep this list handy.

Here’s some of our favorites from the list – be sure to share your favorites on our Facebook page

Shake Hands with as many Potential Presidents as possible. They’ll be here for the “First in the Nation” Primary every four years stumping for votes. Look for them in places like Chez Vachon on Amory Street in Manchester and many other hot-spots around the state.

Cross the Kancamagus. This scenic byway, which etches its way through the White Mountains is almost a rite of passage for anyone who travels through New Hampshire, especially during Fall foliage season.

Go to the races. Even if you are not a NASCAR fan, see a race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, get caught up in the sites and sounds of what is known as “the magic mile.”

Hike the Flume Gorge. This is essential. If you have never been to the Flume in Lincoln, we suggest you take advantage of this unique opportunity to see the most amazing geological formations created by glacial erosion. Surrounded by spectacular scenery, waterfalls, and walls of granite that rise 70 to 90 feet, the Flume is the state’s most incredible natural wonder. Walking trails will guide you, but some spots are slippery so be sure to wear proper footwear.

Also, from our friend Steve Taylor (Farmer, Writer, Independent Scholar),”100 Things You Should Do To Know the Real New Hampshire.” Steve lists places, activities, events and diversions that afford insight into the culture and values of the Real New Hampshire; the great aspects that make us distinctive and different from the rest of the country.