Politics Unplugged

Politics Unplugged (previously known as the “Life of the Party”) series, in partnership with the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, is a public policy series with gubernatorial and presidential candidates, and other political figures. The program aims to be unique and engaging, serving those who are interested in the political process, looking for an alternative to the traditional approach to politics and specifically to enable young professionals to ask questions of interest to their demographic. Discussion is casual and the dialogue is free-flowing allowing attendees to get to know political figures where party politics take a backseat to civil conversation.

2020 NH Primary – Presidential Candidates

Senator Amy Klobuchar, 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate

Senator Cory Booker, 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate (video)

U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard, 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate (video)

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2016 NH Primary – Presidential Candidates

Senator Marco Rubio, 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate (video)

Governor Jeb Bush, 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate (video)

Governor John Kasich, 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate (video)

Senator Ted Cruz, 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate (video)

Governor Chris Christie, 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate (video)

Carly Fiorina, 2016 Republican Presidential Candidate (video)

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