Rising Stars Awards

An initiative of Stay Work Play, in partnership with New Hampshire Public Radio, the Rising Stars Awards celebrate and recognize New Hampshire’s remarkable young people and the businesses that go the extra mile to recruit and retain them.

Nominations for the Rising Stars Awards will open in Spring 2020.

All proceeds of the event benefit the mission of Stay Work Play.

A HUGE thanks to our 2020 sponsors!


There are seven award categories:

1. The Civic Leader of the Year Award honors an individual who, through their volunteerism, philanthropy, and/or community involvement demonstrates a commitment to civic participation, strengthening their community, and developing personal leadership capacity to make NH a better place for future generations.

2. The College Student of the Year Award honors a NH college student who is an academic rising star and is giving back to the community.

3. The Coolest Companies for Young Professionals Award honors companies in NH that create environments to attract and retain young workers (specifically ages 40 and under).

4. The High School Student of the Year Award honors a remarkable high school student in NH, between the ages of 13 and 18.

5. The Intern of the Year Award honors a young person in NH who has made an outstanding impact on a company during their time as an intern.

6. The Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award honors a young entrepreneur in NH who has “looked outside the box,” is helping shape the future of our state through their entrepreneurial venture, and is between the ages of 18 and 40.

7. The Young Professional of the Year Award honors an outstanding professional working and living in NH, between the ages of 18 and 40 who is a rising star in their industry and giving back to their community.

Former Award: The Leadership Development Program of the Year Award honored an innovative program initiated and conducted by a NH organization. This award recognized a program aimed at a young audience in NH that helps those young people propel their personal and professional growth.

Former Award: The Life in the 603 Video of the Year Award was awarded for a video submission that demonstrated why an individual chose to “stay, work, and play” in NH.

Former Award: The Stay Work Play Leadership Award honored an individual or organization in NH that demonstrates dedicated support for efforts that enhance the recruitment and retention of young workers in the state. This award was designed to recognize ideas that have been put in place within an organization (association, company, nonprofit, etc). The idea(s) have a direct and positive impact on younger workers in NH, create an incentive for them to remain here, create greater awareness of what living in NH can mean to them in terms of quality of life or opportunities, and demonstrate innovation and leadership.