Coolest Employer for Young People Award

We are looking for an employer in New Hampshire that creates an environment to attract and retain young people (specifically ages 40 and under). We want to hear about best practices related to mentoring and internship programs, job training opportunities, professional advancement, flexible workplaces and hours, benefits, and overall workplace culture. The “Coolest Employer for Young People” is open to any employer (for-profit and nonprofit) with operations and employees in New Hampshire.

A panel of judges comprised of young employees from across the state will select three finalists and the winner will then be selected as the “People’s Choice” winner through online public voting before and during the event. The winner will be announced the evening of the Rising Stars Awards ceremony on Thursday, October 21, 2021.

2021 Nominations are open through Friday, July 16, 2021!

Please note: There is not an option to save the nomination form. If you’d prefer to print out a copy of the nomination form to prepare your answers prior to submitting, please find a copy of the questions here.

Coolest Employer for Young People

  • Tell us what distinguishes your workplace from others in your industry or in the state.
  • Describe your workplace's recruitment strategy. How do you find employees? Do you recruit from high schools or colleges? Do you work with New Hampshire’s technical schools or community colleges in any capacity to fill positions? How do you seek to attract employees of diverse backgrounds? In recruiting, how do you demonstrate your commitment that your workplace is a place where young professionals can grow and make a fulfilling career?
  • Describe your workplace's (young) employee retention strategy. How do you demonstrate your commitment to developing your young professional employees in the workplace? What types of opportunities do you offer to cultivate a leadership pipeline of young talent within your company? Do you offer opportunities for professional development outside of the workplace (community engagement, volunteering, networking, etc.)? How do you cultivate the workforce of the next generation? Have you implemented creative means to help talent “stay, work, and play” in (or to come to) New Hampshire?
  • Describe the culture your workplace has created for young people. Please address: The role your employees play in decision-making processes; Methods used to motivate, reward, and recognize employees; Methods used to challenge and empower employees; Opportunities for employees to perform community service; How your company helps employees balance family/personal life with work-life; How your company creates a fun or creative atmosphere; Initiatives your workplace has taken to be more inclusive and diverse.
  • What is your employee development philosophy? How does your organization ensure your employees have the necessary skills they need to effectively compete? Please describe employee opportunities for on-the-job training, mentoring, developmental training, and access to professional association memberships. How often is performance feedback provided and through what mechanisms? Does your company provide financial support, time off, or other accommodations that allow employees to return to school? Please describe. Specify tuition amounts the company offers, requirements for tuition eligibility, and whether courses need to be related to their field of work in order for employees to be reimbursed.
  • Please check all of the benefits that your company offers.
  • Please describe details of the benefits listed above and/or explain any additional benefits your company provides that aren’t listed above.
  • The pandemic has brought about its own set of unique challenges for businesses and organizations. What has your company had to do to adapt to these challenging times? Have there been adjustments to the workplace that were temporary that have led to a permanent change? How has the COVID-19 pandemic influenced daily operations - presently and potentially in the future? Potential examples: work from home or remote working flexibility options, staff meetings/events,cultural shifts, mental health check-ins & support for mental health services long-term, etc.
  • To add your video, please use one of two options. 1) Paste a URL link from YouTube. 2) Please go to this large file transfer website: and you need to both send your file to through that site AND paste the "Download Link" below (from your confirmation email from TransferNow). your confirmation email from TransferNow).
  • Please ask two employees, age 40 or under, to respond to the following: Describe your experience working for this company. What do you like about your job? How are you treated? Do you feel you have room to grow in your career here? What could your employer do to improve your workplace? What has been your favorite moment during your time there?
  • Please note: This will have no impact on your status. *If selected as a finalist, information WILL be shared publicly for marketing purposes.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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