High School Student of the Year Winners

2019 Winner

Caroline Dillon of Spaulding High School in Rochester

Caroline Dillon is a recent graduate of Spaulding High School in Rochester. Since the fourth grade, Caroline knew that she wanted to grow up to be a certified nurse-midwife or women’s health nurse practitioner. This dream inspired her at age 17 to champion a bill that would ensure no young girls would miss school or risk infection because they couldn’t afford feminine hygiene products. In addition to her remarkable impact on the community, Caroline was actively involved in her high school, graduating as a New Hampshire Scholar in the top ten of her class. she served as the President of the French Honor Society; the secretary of the National Honor Society; and a member of the marching band and chorus. For her all-around good work, she’s received numerous scholarships. In the words of her nominator, quote – “Caroline Dillon’s combination of compassion and courage makes it unlikely that there is anything she can’t accomplish. Her brain has lead to her success in the classroom, but her heart will ensure she will be successful in changing the world.”