Intern of the Year Award Winners

A new award category created in 2018 to highlight the work of an individual in an internship and their impact on a New Hampshire company.

2019 Winner

Allie Withee, Project Coordination Intern with CCA Global Partners

Allie Withee spent her summer as a Project Coordination Intern at CCA Global Partners in Manchester. Allie’s main project was for the Mission Builders Co-op. She developed a plan to provide fundraising support for nonprofit organizations. She began the project by researching nonprofit fundraising software, interviewing local nonprofits to determine their needs, and researching the areas that the co-op could fulfill. The end result was a proposal and summary of what Mission Builders is and what it could do. Allie’s work has potential for building the foundation for an entire new division for CCA Global. CEO Howard Brodsky showed her work to the NH Charitable Foundation and her plan could change the future of the non-profit sector. He also says “in the past 14 years of all my interns, Allie is not only the intern of the year, but should be the intern of the century.”

2018 Winner

Jacqueline Rahl, Intern with Sprague Operating Resources

Jacqueline Rahl, a recent graduate of the University of New Hampshire, majoring in Communications, held a Marketing Internship position with Sprague Operating Resources LLC located in Portsmouth. As one of her major projects, she was tasked with assisting in the brand’s refresh project – working with tight deadlines, designing internal and external marketing materials, and actively participating in strategy meetings. She filmed and directed two major video projects and used her background in photography to create a digital assets library – making the brand more recognizable throughout the industries Sprague serves. Her contributions during her time at with the company helped make the Sprague community more connected, boosted employee morale, and increased brand awareness in the communities in which employees live and work. As one of her recommendations stated, “more than any other intern we have had, she has made the greatest and widest impact on the company overall with her ability to support many departments.