Life in the 603 Video of the Year Winners

Formerly known as the ‘Shire Story Video of the Year Award. Our past winners provided creative and original video content to express what New Hampshire means to them.

2018 Winner

Cameron Campbell of Manchester with Hunt’s Photo and Video

After years of deliberating and traveling across the country, Cameron Campbell and his wife decided to settle down and grow their family in the Granite State. As an entrepreneur and traveller with a passion for finance and real estate, he is currently working to obtain his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. The last few years have been spent indulging in another passion – being a freelance cinematographer. Now employed at Hunt’s Photo and Video, this gives him the opportunity to share his technical knowledge and experience with others.

Find Cameron’s Life in the 603 Video on our YouTube channel.

2017 Winner

Joseph Lattner of Concord with Tabletop Tycoon

Joseph Lattner, his wife, and their 1-year-old son recently moved to New Hampshire to be closer to family. Now, Joseph and his son get to spend their days exploring the Granite State’s parks, forests, and lakes. As you’ll see in his video, a big part of that exploring is in search for the best fishing spots. When not discovering NH’s natural beauty, they can be found checking out Concord’s downtown including restaurants, comic book stores, and more!

Find Joseph’s ‘Shire Story on our YouTube channel.


2016 Winner

David Hutchings, a Student at University of NH Manchester (UNHM)

david-hutchingsDavid Hutchings is a junior enrolled in the Computer Science and Entrepreneurship program at the University of NH Manchester. Through his winning ‘Shire Story video, the New Hampshire native expressed his love of the Granite State while showcasing his love of motorcycle and off-road riding. He also promotes the state’s natural resources, live music scene and the abundance of employment opportunities.

Find David’s ‘Shire Story on our YouTube channel.