Cost of Living Calculators

If you made $50,000 in Manchester, this is what you would need to make to maintain your current buying power (cost of living in green) versus what you would likely make for a salary (orange) if you took a similar job.

There are many web-based tools that allow you to compare the cost of living for different cities and we’ve selected a few to use to make comparisons. Each gives you various features to look at such as groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, and healthcare. – This tool gives you a big picture look at cost of living differences between Manchester and other metropolitan areas across the country.

AreaVibes – This calculator allows you to enter in a salary, your current location, and a city that you want to compare it to. – This calculator breaks down the comparisons based on 100 different characteristics and enables you to enter in some smaller cities in NH, including Keene, Portsmouth, Concord, and more. – This calculator has additional tools that relate to salary information, including a “personal salary report.”