NH Media

Student Reading NewspaperFor a small state, New Hampshire has a lot of media outlets, some local, some regional, and some statewide. Given our proximity to Boston, it’s always useful to check out Boston media for regional news, events, and activities. We suggest Boston.com

New Hampshire Local TV Stations

Also, your town or city may have a community access channel. Check out a full list of these channels.

For a regional perspective, check New England Cable News.

NH Magazines

New Hampshire radio stations by region:

StateImpact New Hampshire (an initiative of NH Public Radio) covers policy and economics in the state, with an increasing emphasis on recruitment and retention of young, talented workers.

New Hampshire daily newspapers:

New Hampshire’s weekly newspapers are a great community resource. Here is a current directory:

White Mountain Region Weekly Newspapers

Lakes Region Weekly Newspapers

Merrimack Valley Region Weekly Newspapers

Seacoast Region Weekly Newspapers

Monadnock Region Weekly Newspapers