Staying Connected in New Hampshire

Catapult event with kayaksIt’s easy to stay connected in New Hampshire. As a matter of fact, New Hampshire is one of the most wired states in the country, and we are small enough so a drive to the mountains, oceans, lakes, and cities is usually short (unless you already live in an area that people from the region, country, and world have on their top 10 list).

Staying connected is much more than just being in touch with your close friends, it is about expanding your network both on and off-line. Social networking groups are a great way to see who is doing what and stay connected with your friends. Check out the NH centric ones listed on our social network page.

  • The various young professionals’ networks have over 10,000 members and are growing rapidly.
  • Check out the many links to New Hampshire media to learn what’s going on and who’s making news.
  • As the first in the nation state, politics is part of our daily life. Learn how to become involved by visiting this section of our site.
  • Last, we encourage you to brag about New Hampshire – tell us your story and we’ll tell it to others. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter.