Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in NH

Student_Center_night_pf_6454New Hampshire offers many opportunities to continue your college education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Today, colleges and universities have many flexible ways to continue your studies whether it’s taking a few college classes or earning your masters or other advanced degree. Learning takes all forms – from traditional classes at a main campus or local satellite facilities, to hybrid models that combine classroom instruction and online learning, or purely online learning opportunities. Think about where you want to be in five or ten years, continuing your education will likely help you get there.

New Hampshire’s public and private accredited colleges that offer undergraduate programs only (in alphabetical order):

NH universities that offer graduate programs only (in alphabetical order):

NH colleges and universities that offer undergraduate and graduate degrees (in alphabetical order):

The EPSCoR (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) program, part of UNH, identifies, develops, and utilizes a state’s academic science and technology (S&T) resources in ways that ultimately will support a more productive and fulfilling way of life for its citizens. To achieve this end, the National Science Foundation cooperates with state leaders in government, higher education, and business to establish productive long-term partnerships in support of common goals. Such partnerships are designed to stimulate local action that will result in lasting improvements to the state’s academic research infrastructure and increased national R&D competitiveness.