Why Stay in NH

Manchester River and West SideNew Hampshire offers unique opportunities to connect with both people and places. You’ll find that NH is a small state that lives large. It is also a changing state. We are seeing more and more people moving here from other states and we will continue to see a rapid growth in our minority population.

Quality of life – Our overall quality of life is tops in the nation. Check out the Living Index to learn how NH compares to other states.

Living in NH – See why living in NH can pay off for you through links for renting or purchasing a house, condo or other property, and locating roommates. Use our cost of living calculators to learn how far your pay check will go in NH.

Educational opportunities – View lists and links to all of NH’s colleges and universities, review professional training programs, learn how to become a leader in NH. There are some great opportunities for those individuals who may be the first in their families to attend college. In addition, NH is working to advance efforts to encourage more students to pursue education and careers in science and technology.

Staying Connected – Tap social and professional networks to make and keep connections, view a comprehensive list of NH media outlets, and learn why politics is integral to life in New Hampshire.

Are you a reader or history buff? Check out this online listing of tons of books about New Hampshire. There are hundreds of references here.

Do you have a story to tell on what brought you to NH or what kept you here?  We’d love to hear it!  Send it to info@stayworkplay.org or post it on our Facebook page.