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A Ros(ie) Experience

If you’re ever looking for a quintessential diner experience, Rosie’s Restaurant is a local diner right out of a storybook. A relaxing place for a weekend breakfast or lunch, Rosie’s offers a sense of community, comfort, and of course, delicious food. Located in Tamworth on Route 16, it’s hard to miss if you’re traveling north […]

Revelstoke 1

Revel in the Taste

I am so excited to kick off my first blog in The Taste blog series. New Hampshire is filled with so many amazing restaurants, cafes, food experiences…you name it, we have it! It seems fitting to start with a cafe located in the town in which I live. Revelstoke Coffee is located in downtown Concord […]


Southern Comfort in NH

Madear’s has been an amazing addition to downtown Pembroke! Their southern Louisiana-inspired menu has been brightening my takeout routine for months and my stomach and I are so thrilled about it. As a Black-owned business and LGBTQ+ friendly hangout, they are a fantastic, welcoming neighbor and I cannot wait to attend some events in-person in […]