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photo by Michael Benson

Wildfires Everywhere

On the morning of July 26th, I woke up for my normal morning commute. This morning seemed different however, the air felt heavy and as my partner and I drove into work that morning we noticed a thick fog covered the road. We would find out later that this wasn’t fog at all, but actually […]


The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace

Principle #1: Plan and Prepare Know the regulations and special concerns for the area you plan to visit. Prepare for rapidly changing weather, hazards, and unexpected emergencies. Schedule your trip to avoid times of high use. Visit in small groups when possible. Principle #2: Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces Durable surfaces include maintained trails […]


Composting 101

A lot of us have heard the three pillars of living sustainably – Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle. What some of us may not know is the fourth pillar … Rot! Composting, baby. Ah yes, that sweet sweet dirt. So what is composting and why should we do it? Instead of tossing organic materials into the […]


7 Things You Can Do to Help the Planet

Like so many people, I’ve been noticing my carbon footprint more and more. After taking an environmental science class last semester, I increasingly became more aware of my environmental impact everywhere. I saw it every time I threw something away or anytime I left a light on. I began to see plastic in everything, everywhere. […]