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Michelle Rabia

Where is the Closest Target?

If you are like me you have become accustomed, and likely taken for granted, easy access to everyday luxuries  such as shopping malls, Starbucks, bookstores, restaurants, entertainment, etc. Never did I think I’d consider a life without these amenities around the corner. I’ll admit, when I began exploring the possibility of moving from Bangor, Maine […]


Fuel for the Soul

Since moving to New Hampshire, I’ve determined that one thing the state does really well is preserve cool old buildings. In my mind, bonus points are awarded to projects that are completely repurposed and serve their communities in different ways: the small business economy, the environment, and the coffee consumer, in particular. Lucky’s Coffee Garage […]


Fall Fashion

When autumn rolls around, my high school friends know that it’s time for something we’ve affectionately dubbed “The Listen Center Challenge.” Listen Services – for those of you outside the Upper Valley – is a multi-branched thrift store with NH locations in Canaan and Lebanon. It’s an incredible community resource with proceeds going toward heating […]


World’s largest flower blooms in Hanover this week

Dartmouth’s corpse flower is scheduled to bloom on Wednesday, September 21 or Thursday, September 22. The corpse flower or titan arum (Amorphophallus titanium) is the world’s largest unbranched flower, and it only blooms about once every seven years. Blooms are usually considered rare, but 2016 has been a bizarre year for America’s corpse flowers. Many […]

Canaan Meetinghouse interior, courtesy of Canaan Meetinghouse Preservation Committee.

Preservation Projects (you probably haven’t heard of) Happening in NH

If I had an Instagram account, it would be chock full of old buildings instead of selfies or legs at the beach (or are they hot dogs?). My page would worship wood siding, old panes of window glass, slate roofs, and cast iron facades. But I don’t have Instagram, nor do I have a smart […]