Most people know about many ways to “play” in NH but the advantages of working here are not as well known. One obvious advantage is having that playground in your back yard, but there are so many more reasons why you should work in New Hampshire – It has a vibrant economy, a growing young professional population, and an expanding high technology base in an economic climate where your money goes farther.

In summary, it’s a key part of the overall value proposition that makes NH a special place to stay, work, and play.

Here are some working resources to help you get started or to further your career or business aspirations.

Our Jobs in NH page lists our employer partners with links that go directly to their career pages.

NH Industry Overview – what’s going on in the economy of the Granite State. NH is going strong with upward trending statistics.

NH Jobs and Internships – ultimately, it is about finding a great job opportunity. Here are the online resources you need to find advertised jobs and information about  best practices in your job hunt process.

NH Tech Alliance has a list of businesses in the tech industry that are currently hiring. Jobs in in the STEM-related fields (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are increasing and offer NH an opportunity to advance the knowledge economy.

Leadership Programs – there are both regional and statewide programs that you can consider to enhance and advance your leadership skills.

Cost of Living Calculators – It pays to be educated on what the going market rate is for your job and/or field. These calculators will also tell you what that salary really means – for example,  how far it will go in NH vs. MA.

Starting a Business in NH – NH is pro business which means that there are lots of resources to help you start, expand or move your business to NH. From online resources to mentoring networks to business incubators, you can find what you need for your business to succeed in NH.

Professional Networking – want to connect with others who are doing what you’re doing? Here is the place to find them.

Factoid – About 9% of those working in NH are in high technology fields and account for 30% of the gross income in the state: High tech pays!

Tip: Check out the NH Economy’s blog for a more unfiltered list of business-related events or networking opportunities. Visit them on Facebook as well.