Find a Job or Internship in NH

The job search is a complex process, even if you know where you want to live and what you want to do. The average 20 year old will change jobs about 10 times in the next 15 years, so the process may be familiar to many. However, technology and the economy are constantly impacting the process. The best way to search for many jobs is to tap your network of family, friends, colleagues and contacts. There are a myriad of web sites that can help as well – for searching jobs, internships, leadership programs, and resources on how best to prepare and present yourself during a search.

  • ApprenticeshipNH helps connect job-seekers to education and career advancement through Registered Apprenticeship programs, which allow individuals to learn professional and technical skills while being employers by a NH company. A listing of current apprenticeship opportunities can be found on their website. Apprenticeship programs are available in a number of fast-growing industries in NH, including: healthcare, IT, and manufacturing, and can help you build your skills and experience without taking on student loan debt to pay for your career advancement.
  • is a robust site that allows users to log in to create an account and save searches specifically for jobs in the state.
  • NHWorks Job Match System is a state-run system that allows you to create a profile, search jobs, receive notifications of openings, and save your results. It also provides many other resources to job seekers such as career services and tips and resume building. Note: you will have to register to use some of these services.
  • lists jobs by date posted, location, position and other criteria, including experience and salary. It does not require registration.
  • State of New Hampshire Human Resources – lists career opportunities, information, tools, and contacts to start a career in state government.
  • Other job posting sites. Some of these sites have their own listings and some are search engines that pull from multiple sites.

Also, while there are fewer classified ads in today’s hardcopy newspapers, most offer online listings. Check out our list of online NH media outlets and go to their jobs sections as another avenue for your search and these great networking resources:

Tip – if you graduated from college, your alumni office may offer up the opportunity for you to connect with alumni in various employment sectors for advice and tips on your search. These personal contacts are one of the best ways to find the jobs that never get listed.