NH Industry and Workforce Information

UNH Career FairWhen thinking about employment and employers in NH, you may need to think small to think big. While we have several large companies that offer excellent career opportunities, the vast majority of opportunities are in small and medium sized businesses and organizations.

What does this mean for the job seeker? Don’t stop your search after researching our largest employers – research some of the smaller companies and organizations around the state. Many of these are very entrepreneurial and may enable you to advance faster and pick up a wider range of skill sets and diverse professional experience. Take your time to learn more about our workforce and workforce opportunities.

Take a close look at high technology fields as well – they often offer higher salaries and advancement efforts. If your skills need honing, take a look at some of the professional training and educational resources listed on this website.

New Hampshire’s industry, workforce and economy are doing well despite the current economic conditions. Here is why….

As a state that consistently gets recognized as the Most Livable State in the US, one of the Healthiest States, and one of the Safest States in the nation (see our quality of life indicators), New Hampshire offers exceptional quality of life.

New Hampshire’s quality of life offers more time for a balanced life. By not having to sit in traffic for two hours trying to catch a plane or get to work, there is more time to use and more choices on how to use it (if you do need to catch a plane, the Greater Manchester-Boston Regional Airport is convenient, yet well connected to many major hubs).

NH Business Resource Center, an Office of NH Division of Economic Development has some good data that demonstrates the healthy state of the current NH business climate.

  • New Hampshire’s workforce is exceptionally strong, ranking in the top ten nationally in terms of the percentage of high tech workers per capita in the United States and has the lowest unemployment rate in New England, NH ranks sixth in the nation in the number of new companies started each year.
  • Companies interested in moving their businesses to New Hampshire are pleasantly surprised by the availability of highly skilled workers. NH ranks eighth in terms of in-migration of domestic workers in the U.S. and far outpaces its New England neighbors.
  • New Hampshire features 26 colleges including two top research institutions: University of New Hampshire and Dartmouth College. Those two institutions are leading efforts to advance the state’s Science and Technology Plan and advance efforts in some key technologies where NH has built up substantial expertise.  Check out the NH EPSCoR Office to learn more
  • One of the most important factors in a booming economy is access. New Hampshire’s geographic location – close to Boston, New York, and Montreal, home to a bustling seaport and in the heart of New England – makes it a prime state to conduct business.
  • Total employment is projected to increase by 14% from 2006 to 2016.
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical services leading the way with a 25.7% increase in jobs
  • Education opportunities increase 19.5%
  • Healthcare with biggest increase at almost 31%
  • Yes, NH has suffered in the recession along with the rest of the nation.  The New Hampshire Employment Security, Economic & Labor Market Information Bureau, gives some insight on how NH is doing.
  • The state’s unemployment rate has been the lowest among the New England states and also runs at least 2-3 percentage points lower than the national average.
  • Despite the downturn in the economy, the Education and health services supersector added 2,600 jobs over-the-year.
  • New Hampshire is projected to recover faster than the other New England states.
Factoid: According to manta.com, there are 101,393 company profiles for companies in NH. That’s one for every 13 NH residents!