Resources for the Job Search

Job hunting can be daunting. Online resources make it easier for you, but they also make it easier for everyone else which means that employers are getting more applicants for every job they post.

You need to take on job hunting as if it were your full time job, which it might be. Here are some good strategies to help you out as well as some online resources for learning more.

  • Build a really good resume – have lots of people review it including co-workers, friends, and past employers. Some of the online job boards also provide both free resume reviews and paid resume writing services.
  • Build your online profiles. LinkedIn is probably the most important for business but it doesn’t hurt to also use Facebook. There also might be some social media sites that specialize in your particular industry.
  • Be very careful about your posts – nothing online ever goes away so if you don’t want it repeated, don’t write it. If you do have some questionable information already posted – delete it immediately! Most employers check out your online presence before they contact you for interviews.
  • Join groups that are in your industry and start contributing to the conversations. Make sure that you are professional and accurate.
  • Network, network, network. Let everyone you know that you are looking for a job and send them a link to your resume online. Statistically, most people find jobs through someone they know.
  • Beef up your education. Take a certification program, start an advanced degree, take an online class. Do something to stay up to date or build your skill set. Review our list of educational institutions to research your options.

Here are some other resources to help you out.

  • NH Department of Economic Security – This is a free public employment service which benefits the job seeker, the employer, and the economy.  It provides work search programs, employment information and economic and labor market information.
  • CBS Money Watch – They have excellent articles about job hunting as well as resources on improving your overall business skill set.
  • Monster – Monster has more than job postings – they have extensive information resources to help you with the whole process.
  • Guerilla Job Hunting Blog
  • Jibber Jobber blog
Tip: If you are a college student, use your campus career services offices.  If you are an alumnus of a NH college or university, you should be able to use this resource as well.